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Siamese Cat Junk Journal- Soft Cover with Side View

Siamese Cat Junk Journal- Soft Cover with Side View

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Indulge your love for Siamese cats with my Siamese Cat Junk Journal. This journal cover has a gorgeous Siamese face looking up. Expertly crafted and designed for all Siamese cat lovers, this journal is perfect for documenting and memory keeping. Unleash your creativity and show your passion for these beautiful cats with this unique journal.
To see a full flip through video on my YT channel click here

* Journal Size 12"x 6"- Soft Cover with image stitched on the font
* 27 pages for a total of 54 (108 front and back) a mixture of papers and card stock with various Siamese cat themed papers I printed out and card stock
* 83 tags of different sizes
* 24 mini tags
* 11 loose vintage/stationery book pages
* 9 jumbo paper clips with fabric
* 8 folded pages
* 1 vintage cat playing cards

Please note that there will be differences in the images, words and some of the colours in the recycled pages used in the journal. Pages from the same books are used in each journal but each page will be different as no two pages in a book are the same.
Slight colour variations may happen due to different types of screens with laptops, tablets, phones etc.

Soft cover made with heavy card stock. Black elastic closure.
Shipped with Canada Post includes tracking to the USA.

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