about me

Hiya! Thanx for popping in for a quick visit.
My name is Lisa and I am the artist 
behind ila & alice. 

I create unique postcards for you to send something interesting and different to your friend or pen pal. Sending a postcard or quick note in the mail is such a fun and easy way to make someone's day. We all enjoy finding something in our mailbox that is not junk mail or bills. For the price of a stamp and a few minutes of your time you can really make a difference in someone's day.

I think there is a magical quality to snail mail and it has the ability to make a big impact in a small way. I create postcards because I believe that in this day and age of digital "everything" a handwritten postcard or letter reminds someone that you care. Writing messages with kindness and support and mailing them out to people we care about is a tradition almost as old as time itself and it certainly is a tradition with preserving.
There is no connection like a heart felt connection.

Now all you need is a stamp :)
Thank you for being here, Lisa