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By ila and alice on 2017-06-03

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with love.....xoxo

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Help For My Face- Green is Good!

dreaded adult skin issues

Helllu Pussycats!

I would like to tell you about another product that I have been using in 
an effort to help clear up my face and keep it that way.

I have used oodles and oodles of concealers over the years.
I have always said that I would rather look like a
"wacked out" geisha doll then have any redness show thru.
Emotionally, I can handle the embarrassment of breakouts if I can successfully

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Manifestations for March- A Way to Heal

Starting Over: Bouncing back w ila and alice

Manifestations for March

Hiya Pussycats!
I finished my manifestation board for March yesterday.
My main intentions are about the following:

* easy cash flow

I find making these boards really help me get
 focused and on track for the coming month.
I didn't always do these boards in-fact I only
 started about a year ago.

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Arrivederci To the Past & Hello to New Moon Seeds

Starting Over: Bouncing back w ila and alice

Arrivederci To the Past
Hello to New Moon Seeds

Hiya! Nice to see you!
Yes, it has been a long time. Yes, I had all the best of intentions
to blog more, blog regularly or to just blog at all.
Thaaaaaaat's right. I dropped the ball. Again.
I did not blog, not once. 
In all honesty, I got scared again.
I chickened out, I made excuses, I wasn't ready.
I thought I was....I wasn't.
So there. That is...

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Starting Over, Facing My Demons and Healing

Starting Over: Bouncing back w ila and alice

Hiya Pussycats!
It is time for me to make my way back to social media and blogging.
 So much to say and share!! I am super excited to get back on
this horse because there have been 
bumps in the road.
Warning! I am going to be rambly as this post is a journal entry
 if you 
will. This post is a declaration enabling to me to come
 out from my creative shadow and two years of confusion
and apprehension.

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