Creepy Halloween face in a Jar

Creepy Halloween face in a Jar

Make Your Halloween Decor a Bit More Spooky with a Face in a Jar

Hiya Pumpkin heads!

Today I have a very quick and easy idea for you to try to add to your Halloween decorations. I found this mask at a thrift store for $1.00 and it's perfect!



I cut off the elastic on the back and then tried to find a suitable jar.



I thought this one would be good even tho the mask was too tall.



I added some green food colouring into the water to help make it a bit more creepy.



I gave it a try with this jar trying a lid and I put it on the mantle but this jar was too big, too tall and the mask didn't "squish" the face very well. 
But this great!






I really squished it in there.



I did cut down the top of the mask to fit in better.



A bit of rope and a charm really finishes it off nicely.


Very spoooooooooky!


Happy Halloweening everyone!! Enjoy!

Love Lisa xo





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