DIY Skull Wreath

DIY Skull Wreath

Make Your Door a Bit More Creepy This Halloween with a Skull Wreath
Hiya Pumpkin Heads!!
Today's DIY for Halloween is a pretty simple plastic skull wreath.

We drilled holes in the sides of the skulls and we also drilled holes in the top
 of the skulls in about every third skull so we could zip-tie the skulls to the
wicker wreath. I used a wicker wreath because I had one on hand but you could also use a styrophoam wreath wrapped in back fabric.

We used a plastic robe again, because I some on hand. We found that we needed to zip-tie the skulls to the wreath because they wouldn't form a workable circle without one. 
We used black zip-ties in 6 spots to help hold everything in place.
Looks great during the day BUT!......
....looks even better at night! Booooya! 
Have fun making decorations for your spooky home.
Love Lisa xo
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