Manifestations for March- A Way to Heal

Manifestations for March

Hiya Pussycats!
I finished my manifestation board for March yesterday.
My main intentions are about the following:

* easy cash flow

I find making these boards really help me get
 focused and on track for the coming month.
I didn't always do these boards in-fact I only
 started about a year ago.
I started making them on a regular basis when 
a business coach suggested that I make them to 
help get me centered and focused on what I was 
trying to achieve. I was having a lot of difficulty
then trying to plan out what I was doing and why.

For those who don't know, I closed a brick and mortar

business in March of 2104 and decided to sell 
exclusively online. I re-branded and thought I could 
easily jump back in and my creative mojo would
just flow. Well, it didn't.
I wrote a blog piece here about my struggle to

get back on track creatively and emotionally if
you would like to read about that.
It is about overcoming fear of failure 

and massive insecurities.

Anyhow, making manifestation boards was

a way of trying to connect what I wanted, where
I wanted to go with my biz and how I felt about it all.
Despite the fact that I was excited to move into a 

new phase of biz with my new brand and my identity
I had a lot of fear and many doubts.

Visualizing what I wanted and how that would feel

was a big help in helping me pin point exactly what
it was that I was hoping to achieve.
 By knowing what I wanted to achieve, I was able to examine
what it was I was fearful of and how to over come it.
Thinking about and imagining my new successes,

my new customers and my new products helped me
feel that I could do this. 
 I wanted to connect and help women feel
better about themselves, share their feelings, their joy,
 encourage each other and express their love. A manifestation
board helped me to connect in a very real and authentic way
to how I could make that happen 
in my new biz.

The idea of thinking about what I wanted, how

that would feel and what it would look like was a bit
new to me to be honest. I spent a lot of time thinking about
what I DIDN'T want. I was in a "lack" mindset. I focused
on what was missing. If you know anything
about the law of attraction then you know, you get back
what you put out there. Constantly thinking about
I didn't want was working very well let me tell you.
 I decided to change my tune and vision and go

after what I did what. Having the confidence to write 
this post and share with you is part of that vision.

If you are in need of a change, want to day dream,

 feel like some art therapy and a little fun then I
highly recommend getting out some old magazines.
Cut, glue and paste your vision for as long as your
heart desires. Enjoy!
Much luv, Lisa xo
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