DIY Snake Oil

Hiya Pumpkin-Heads!

For those who do not know, I am ALL about Halloween. I wasn't always such an avid Halloween fan but once we moved and I had a front yard where I could put up decorations and no one would steal them....the flood gates were opened! LOL!

I realize I am cutting it close with the posts for this year's decorations but there is still time to create some of your own Halloween magic and make some great decorations. 

Here is what I have been up to :)

Let's start with my spooky witchy apothecary jars. I made a few last year that I kept and reused this year.

The dragon's blood was water with a mixture of red food colouring and blue food colouring. The bone powder jar is full of dehydrated minced onion :)

The bat droppings are black pepper balls.


This year I wanted to "scare" things up with a few more. 
Let's start with the snake oil.

I filled the bottle about 3/4 full w olive oil and then topped it up with water.
Some gold glitter and a mixture of the food colouring.

I liked the separation but it needed a bit more blue.

When you shake it, it does look like a lava lamp with the mixture of oil and water. Last year I had tried clear corn syrup but it was too thick and really sank to the bottom of the jar quickly.

It's not snake oil without rubber snakes!

I spray painted them w regular spray paint but they took forever to dry.I brought them inside and even laid them out in the window sill. I waited about 4 days until I added them to the jar.

The mixture of soft white and orange back lights really help give
that eeerie glowy look.

I think it turned out really great! Give it a try and enjoy.

Happy Halloween!! Lisa xo

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