Arrivederci To the Past & Hello to New Moon Seeds

Arrivederci To the Past
Hello to New Moon Seeds

Hiya! Nice to see you!
Yes, it has been a long time. Yes, I had all the best of intentions
to blog more, blog regularly or to just blog at all.
Thaaaaaaat's right. I dropped the ball. Again.
I did not blog, not once. 
In all honesty, I got scared again.
I chickened out, I made excuses, I wasn't ready.
I thought I was....I wasn't.
So there. That is truth. I tried but I couldn't.
I'm saying Arrivederci to the past and all the 
charming mistakes it holds.
No more apologies. 
No more guilt and no more regrets!
I move forward never to apologize for allowing 
cob webs to nestle on my blog again.
I've given the crickets their walking papers
and called in the proverbial cleaning crew.
Time to put on my try again cape and just move forward.
Stamped it! Called it! No eraseies!

*smooths out skirt, makes bangs are pinned to the side,
 applies fresh  gloss and smiles*

Today there is a new moon and I like to make new lists
and start new projects on a new moon.
A new moon is a time to plants the seeds of things 
you want to make happen. You set you intentions, envision
and plan. Let go of the things that no longer serve you.

It is a great time to make to-do lists and start new projects.
So, here I am writing a blog post and setting my intentions to
be more connected with you.
Nothing big or grandiose here. Just a simple plan
to become more connected and in touch.
These are the seeds I am planting tonight
out into the universe.  I feel about this :)

I would like to start with Instagram.
I love Instagram and using it to share.

You can find me at ila.and.alice IG here:

I definitely think there is some magic mojo 
happeningover here on this new moon.
I feel good about this Pussycats!
Love to you all, Lisa :)

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