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With You in My Life Everything is More Sparkley and Fun


I made this card to celebrate the
friends who touch our lives and truly make
the world a better place to be :)

Additional symbolism:
1. The butterfly is a symbol of transformation,
re-birth as well as new ideas, new beginnings
and fresh starts. Many sparkley gals have
come through a transformation so they could
become their true selves.

2. The little girl holding the magic wand
reminds us to allow our inner child out to
play every once in a while. To enjoy and
embrace feelings of being joyful and sparkly
for no particular reason. Allow our inner child
to dream big and not be afraid to let her
imagination run wild :)

3. P is for Party and parties are full of fun,
sparkle, joy, razzmatazz, excitement and
hoopla. All great qualities exuded by
sparkley people.

4. The two gals hanging on the back of a
motor boat and having a grand old time:
see above ;)

5. The crown symbolizes feeling like the
"Queen of fun" when you are spending time
with your sparkley friends

6. The women laughing represents the
simplest of joys we feel when we are touched
by the connection of our friendships and the
purest of joy that they offer us.

For this card, yellow was chosen for the
inside because the colour yellow represents
happiness, positivity, clarity, energy, optimism,
enlightenment, honor, loyalty, and joy and of
course sunshine. These are all things we
need when we offer support and kindness.
The sunny aspects of yellow are what we
want to bestow upon a friend in need of support.

1" pin is included
card dimensions: 5" x 6 1/2" comes w envelope

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