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Imagine With All Your Mind. Believe With All Your Heart. Achieve With All Your Might


Imagine with All You Mind.
Believe with All You Heart.
Achieve with All Your Might.

I created these cards to help show
our dearest friends that we support
them and are always there to help
when they need encouragement :)

Additional symbolism:

1. The vintage brain is all about allowing
your intuition to guide you instead of only
using your brain and over thinking everything

2. The vintage lantern symbolizes shedding
the light on your abilities. It illuminates the
path to your success and achievements.
The light also illuminates your gifts and
talents for the world to see

3. The Blue Bird: The symbol of a bluebird
is the harbinger of happiness. Bluebird
brings the reminder that joy and fulfillment
are well within reach. Bluebirds express
themselves freely as they fear no judgement
or doubt.

4. The vintage trapeze artist symbolizes
strength and courage and what wonder
can be created with perseverance.

5. The vintage "can-can" gal says YES! YES! you can! :)

6. The seeker is looking for the truth, divine intervention,
new ideas, new adventures,new paths to consider.
She is looking for personal growth & guidance
to reach her goals.

For this card, green was chosen for the inside
because the colour green represents adventure,
friendship, freedom, life and most importantly
growth. Connectedness and acceptance are also
represented by green. These are corner stones to
all fabulous and supportive friendships :)

WITH BRAVE WINGS SHE FLIES 1" pin is included
card dimensions: 5" x 6 1/2" comes w envelope

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