The World is a Better Place Because of You
The World is a Better Place Because of You

The World is a Better Place Because of You

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Additional symbolism:

1. Kuan Yin (top left corner): Kuan Yin is an East Asian Goddess of compassion. It is said that as Kuan Yin was about to enter heaven, she paused and heard the cries of the world, her compassion was so great she returned to help them.
The qualities that Kuan Yin invokes, the feeling of compassion and unconditional
love make her comparable to Mother Mary

2. The quilt symbolizes and warmth of our most cherished friendships.It us that kindness is like a warm blanket wrapped around our shoulders. We feel safe and soothed by the kind gestures of others. A quilt is often a community project based on the connections and stories of the women who make them.

3. The Blue Bird: The symbol of a bluebird is the harbinger of happiness. Bluebird brings the reminder that joy and fulfillment are around us everyday.

4. The little boy hugging the bunny reminds us to allow our inner child out every once in a while. To enjoy and embrace warm fuzzy feelings of softness and kindness for no particular reason. Allow our inner child to be vulnerable, tender, free to express our simplest joys and to be loving.

5. The tree of love symbolizes that the love and caring in our true friendships never stops growing. A tree that is watered and tended with love, kindness and empathy with grow forever.

6. The woman laughing represents the simplest of joys we feel when we are touched by the connection of friendships and knowing that we matter to ones who we care about.

For this card, pink was chosen for the inside because the colour pink represents caring, compassion and love. Pink invokes feelings of warmth, safety, kindness, grace and tenderness. Pink soothes our fears and allows us to feel safe in who we are. It is the colour of our heart center and brings to mind the sweetness
of being cared about.

YOU ARE AMAZING 1" pin is included
card dimensions: 5" x 6 1/2" comes w envelope