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The Soul Visits the Sky to Chat with the Moon


The Soul Visits the Sky to Chat with the Moon

I made this card to celebrate our friends
who listen to their soul's calling and the
dedication that is involved to being true to
your inner self :)

Additional symbolism:
1. The friends laughing together represent you
and your higher self coming together and enjoying
the connection and love.

2. The fairy symbolizes believing in the unseen
and the unknown. To believe in the magic and
synchronicities of the universe. She also shows
us that there are always things going on behind
the mystical screen of life that we are not aware
of but can trust to work out for our highest good.

3. The compass symbolizes our trust in letting
the universe guide us to where we need to go
and when. We trust and believe we are always
in the right place at the right time.

4. The Raven is symbolic of mind, thought and
wisdom according to Norse legend. Raven totem
is also the keeper of synchronicity. He is a master
of bending and folding time and space so that
you are exactly in the right moment at the right time.

5. The "Little Bo Beep" girl reminds us to allow our
inner child out to play every once in a while. To
enjoy and embrace feelings of being joyful and
sparkly for no particular reason. Allow our inner
child to dream big and not be afraid to let her
imagination run wild :)

6. The Moon Card: The Moon is the card of intuition,
dreams and the unconscious. You are more
psychically open than usual now; pay attention
to your thoughts and feelings, and to flashes
of information that come seemingly out of nowhere.

For this card, purple was chosen for the inside 
because the colour purple represents mystery, 
mysticism, dreams, inspiration, reflection, 
spirituality, wisdom and magic. Purple is also 
associated with the Crown Chakra which is located 
at the top of the head. It is linked to the crown 
of the head, the nervous system, and the brain, and is 
representative of pure thought. This chakra connects
one with the infinite consciousness. Opening this 
chakra will help tap into a deep spiritual understanding.

1" pin is included
card dimensions: 5" x 6 1/2" comes w envelope

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