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Your Sparkle Has Not Gone Unnoticed


Your Sparkle Has Not Gone Unnoticed
Shine sister shine! :)

I made this card to celebrate the magic
that resides in all of us and around us.
Life is full of magical energy! Just be
open to the possibilities :)

Additional symbolism:

1. Roman Goddess Venus: I think it is
fair to say that Venus just might be the
most spakley Goddess of them all. She
symbolizes beauty, pleasure and self care.
All important attributes for sparkley gals :)

2. The various women here show us that
sparkle comes in many shapes and forms.
We all have our own ways of shiny our
bright heart light to the world :)

For this card, purple was chosen for the
inside because the colour purple represents
mystery, mysticism, dreams, inspiration, reflection,
spirituality, wisdom and magic. Purple is also
associated with the Crown Chakra which is
located at the top of the head. It is linked to
the crown of the head, the nervous system,
and the brain, and is representative of pure
thought. This chakra connects one with the
infinite consciousness. Opening this chakra
will help tap into a deep spiritual understanding.

card dimensions: 5" x 6 1/2" comes w envelope

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