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Stay Wild Moon Child-Gypsy


Stay Wild Moon Child--> Don't ever change!

I created these cards to help show our
dearest friends how 
much we love and
appreciate their unique and wonderful qualities :)

Additional symbolism:

1. The showgirl remind us to be our authentic
To follow the beat of our own drums
and shine bright 
as our souls wants us to.
Be yourself everyday and 
don't try to be
anyone else :)

2. The woman making herself familiar with
the Scottish lad's kilt 
symbolizes the deep
rooted need we all have to test boundaries 

and take chances once in awhile. The thrill
of acting on an 
impulse is what makes us
human after all. Some times 
rules were made
to be broken and you have to indulge 

your inner bad ass ;)

3. Unicorn Blood: Their blood is rumored
to have magical powers 
and butterfly kisses.
A must have in any wild child's 
arsenal :)

4. The young witch standing in front of
explosion: Sky above me. 
Earth below me.
Fire within me. I am prepared for anything.

5. Smoking woman symbolizes that woman
are not made of sugar 
and spice and
everything nice. Bad ass gals march to
their own drum 
and don't follow the rules.

6. Goddess Freyja: In Norse mythology
the Goddess Freyja is 
the goddess of female
sexuality and the wild and untamed

forces of nature. "Nuff said ;)

For this card, purple was chosen for the
inside because the 
colour purple represents
mystery, mysticism, dreams, 
reflection, spirituality, wisdom and magic.

Purple is also associated with the Crown
Chakra which is 
located at the top of the head.
It is linked to the crown of 
the head, the nervous
system, and the brain, and is representative

of pure thought. This chakra connects one with
the infinite consciousness. 
Opening this chakra
will help tap into a deep spiritual understanding.

THE MOON CARD 1" pin is included
card dimensions: 5" x 6 1/2" comes w envelope

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