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Intuition Was Her Favourite Super Power


Intuition Was Her Favourite Super Power
Go with your gut! :)

I created these cards to help show our dearest
friends how much we love and appreciate their
unique and wonderful qualities :)

Additional symbolism:
1. Kuan Yin (top left corner): Kuan Yin is an
East Asian bodhisattva (Goddess) of compassion.
It is said that as Kuan Yin was about to enter
heaven, she paused and heard the cries of the
world, her compassion was so great she returned
to help them. The qualities that Kuan Yin invokes,
the feeling of compassion and unconditional
love make her comparable to Mother Mary. Use
this compassion for self love so you are able to
be in tune to your intuition easily.

2. The owl represents wisdom, certainty despite
the unknown, intuition, discernment, listening
to you inner voice and a harbinger of truth.

3. The Blue Bird: The symbol of a bluebird is the
harbinger of happiness. Bluebird brings the reminder
that joy and fulfillment are well within reach. Bluebirds
express themselves freely as they fear no judgement
or doubt. Not allowing your ego to guide you to fear
and doubt allows your intuition flow freely through you.

4. The High Priestess Tarot Card: The High Priestess
represents wisdom, serenity, knowledge and understanding.
She is tied to the moon, to femininity, and to inspiration.
This is a time to rely on your intuition and your inner
knowledge, rather than your conscious mind or intellect.
Pay attention to your dreams. Synchronicities are likely now.

5. The Lotus Flower: “The lotus flower blooms
most beautifully from the deepest and thickest mud.”
From the murky depths of the pond, the beautiful
lotus rise up and through the muddy waters and
emerges beautifully. From these deep recesses
we can access our intuition and let it guide us.
Our intuition is rarely wrong.

6. Goddess Hecate (On right hand side): Hecate is
the Goddess who can see the past, present and
future all at once. Her special wisdom knows where
you are coming from, and where those two daunting
paths ahead may take you. She is Goddess of
Psychic Intuition in Mature Women.

For this card, purple was chosen for the inside 
because the colour purple represents mystery, 
mysticism, dreams, inspiration, reflection, 
spirituality, wisdom and magic. Purple is also 
associated with the Crown Chakra which is located 
at the top of the head. It is linked to the crown 
of the head, the nervous system, and the brain, and is 
representative of pure thought. This chakra connects
one with the infinite consciousness. Opening this 
chakra will help tap into a deep spiritual understanding.

HIGH PRIESTESS 1" pin is included
card dimensions: 5" x 6 1/2" comes w envelope

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