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"I Tell Myself I Am Not Afraid" ~Piglet


I made this card to help a friend see
that she 
has what it takes deep down
inside to make anything 
Doubt and fear kills more dreams then 

failure ever will. She can do it :)

Additional symbolism:

1.The Strength Tarot Card: The goddess in
this card is in 
control of her destiny. She
controls the lion and the fears that he

represents. She is standing form on her
own two feet. She maintains 
her position.
Strength is about combining two strengths to 

overcome weakness. This is a card about
understanding our wild 
natures, accepting
them, yet also gentling those passions so 

that they work for us rather than against us.
We can be 

2. Goddess Athena: Greek Goddess Athena
is goddess 
of wisdom, courage, inspiration,
mathematics, strength, 
strategy, the arts,
crafts, and skill. She is here to remind 
us that
we all have many different strengths to help 

us achieve our goals.

3. The vintage lady driving the car symbolizes
our drive 
to reach our goals and make things
happen in our life. 
The road may be twisty, bumpy,
dark and uncharted but 
we not give up. Put the
pedal to metal and drive into 
our dreams :)

For this card, yellow was chosen for the
because the colour yellow represents
innovation, inspiration, optimism,
power and wisdom. 
These are all beneficial
things to have when being 
brave and fearless.

1" pin is included
card dimensions: 5" x 6 1/2" comes w envelope

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