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who are ila & alice??

           ila and alice were my Grannies 

Apart from my own Mum, they were the two most important female role
models I had in my family. They were instrumental in helping me become the
crafty and independent gal I am today. ila and alice were both crafty women
who taught me a great deal about sewing, being creative in all things in life
and being tenacious. I was very lucky growing up
to be exposed to two different cultures, ways of life and personal philosophies.

I have dedicated the name of my business to these women because their
influences as Grandmothers were paramount in developing the values
that I hold dear today.  They are why I believe in hard work, integrity
and being your true authentic self.  I am very grateful for everything
they taught me and showed me thru their journeys.
I luved them and miss them both very much.

Here is a wee bit about ila & alice :)

ila was my Mum's mum and alice was my Dad's mum. 

ila and alice were very different women who came from very different back grounds.
ila was of Scottish decent and alice was of Ukrainian decent.
I called ila Granny and I called alice Baba.

my Granny ila:
ila was a woman who was very good at many different things and believed
fully in expressing yourself thru art, song, poetry and just about anything you
could glue together. She saw the beauty in everything around her.

Granny surrounded me with lovely examples of the beauty in nature and taught
me to not only to enjoy it but to respect and appreciate it as well. She taught
me the value of generosity and kindness towards both people and animals.
Granny was big lover of animals and made it very clear early on that animals
of all kinds should always be treated with respect and great love. She loved
being outside and was always showing me the importance nature plays in
our lives. I really feel that my love and need for an "in depth use of colour"
 is because she was always showing me fabulous examples of what
mother nature was capable of. 

Granny taught me the importance of trying different things and it didn't matter
if you were good at them, the important thing was to try.You never know until
you've tried. Learning, exploring and reading were key for Granny.
She was very big on books and libraries. Some of my best memories
are times spent going to the library with her and coming home with
an arm load of new and exciting books to read. 
Winnie the Pooh was one of the first books she read to me :) 
Read, learn, think, consider...these were corner stones
laid that I use everyday.

She taught me how to sew when I was six years old and I've never
stopped. She supported my artist dreams, aspirations and creative
talents her entire life. She made sure I went to fashion school and
pursued my dreams. She never told me I couldn’t strive for something
and she never doubted that I could do it.

my Baba alice:
Alice was a woman who believed in hard work, speaking your mind and 
the importance of doing the right thing. Baba taught me the value of the
dollar and how to be thrifty. She showed me how to be frugal and
budget and not spend beyond your means. Baba helped me to
understand the value of a hard earned dollar and how to make it go far.
This would be one of the greatest gift of all.

She showed me by example of how to pull my weight and do what needs to
be done when things needed to be done. She was instrumental in teaching
me how to be fearless and strong but also kind and gentle. She showed
me it was OK to speak up for myself and not to be afraid of making
waves. Baba embodied a pillar of strength and endurance to me.
She knew what needed to be done and she did it.
No complaining, no excuses you do what needs to be done.
Elbow grease, re-using/recycling and common sense were traits that
were essential for getting you thru life.

She taught me a sense of pride in the smallest things and tiniest of details.
Her ability to bring joy to me in the smallest gesture was imprinted on me
in no small way. A dish of jelly beans secretly passed to me under the
table so no one would see, was very powerful :) I was impressed with 
how she manged to make something that seemed ordinary and turn
it into something special.
Because, in life it IS the small things that make the difference.

Baba also taught me the value of kicking off your shoes and enjoying the
simpler things which included watching a good detective TV show
late into the wee hours. LOL! Some of my best memories are of us
watching TV long into the night. The lesson was work hard but also
play hard too. Baba luved to laugh and there was lots of laughing to do.
Never did I have a visit w Baba and there wasn't giggling going on :)

Baba was my biggest fan and always made a (welcomed) fuss over my achievements.
I will be forever grateful for her believing in me and what I could accomplish.

ila and alice were from a generation that knew all too well what adversity
meant on a scale much bigger then themselves. They lived thru war time
austerity and both knew very well that life was a luxury not to be taken for
granted. Make do and mend was their daily reality and I am proud to have
been a student of those principles that still apply to me today. These were
women of great strength and determination in their own ways. I am not
sure if they knew what great role models they were for me and how
much of an impact they made on me, but I will be forever in their debt.
I am a very lucky gal indeed.

Thank you dropping in and taking the time to get to know my Grannies xo