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Last week was a week of learning, pondering and a wee bit of creating.It was also a week of getting a few things tidied up and organized. I got my Ukrainian headdress wreath this week in the mail. I am super excited to have it and it is gorgeous and well made. (I ordered it here on Etsy)

Last week I spent a lot of time watching TedTalks on storytelling and I was inspired to use the idea of storytelling in my newsletters, here on the blog and in how I go about being connected to all of you :) I am not 100% sure what form this will take but I like the idea of being connected with you through the art of storytelling. Telling my story, telling the stories of others and how we can all relate to these stories. I have to mull this over some more but I am excited about having it in my toolkit. 

It is time to dust off the newsletter and begin again with it and what it will add to my journey with ila & alice.  I found some very inspirational wisdom in the little but powerful book called
Do Open: How a simple newsletter can transform your business
(and it can) by David Hieatt


 I read in about 2 hours and there is a lot of good but simple stuff in here.
I highly recommend it to anyone who needs to be inspired about writing their newsletter.

That is it!! I hope you have a great week coming. We have the Spring equinox on Tuesday and Tuesday is also international Storytelling Day. Good times :)

Chat soon, Love Lisa xo

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