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You've Mastered The Art of Bouncing Back


You've Mastered the Art of
Bouncing Back---> You got this!

I created these cards to help show
our dearest friends how proud we
are of them and their achievements :)

Additional symbolism:
1. The butterfly is a symbol of transformation,
re-birth as well as new ideas, new beginnings
and fresh starts. The freedom achieved
through starting new and taking risks.

2. Goddess Freyja: In Norse mythology
the Goddess Freyja is the goddess of
female sexuality and the wild and untamed
forces of nature. She is bold, strong and
always bounces back.

3. The flamingo represents the need for
balance in or lives especially when things
get hectic. They also symbolize beauty
and grace which can also help us in times
of uncertainty. Being graceful and self aware
can help us keep one foot on the
ground when life throws us a curve ball.

4. The bouncy horse shows us that bouncing
back can be done you just need to get
on the horse and start creating momentum.

5. The Lotus Flower: “The lotus flower
blooms most beautifully from the deepest
and thickest mud.” From the murky
depths of the pond, the beautiful lotus
rise up and through the muddy waters
and emerges beautifully. From these
deep recesses we can access our intuition
and let it guide us. Our intuition is rarely wrong.

5. The gal being tossed up in the air by
her friends reminds us that we can soar
to great heights with the help of our friends.
Having a solid support system around us
will help keep us strong and resilient.

For this card, green was chosen for the inside
because the colour green represents adventure,
friendship, freedom, life and most importantly
growth. Connectedness and acceptance
are also represented by green. These are corner
stones to all fabulous and supportive friendships :)

1" pin is included
card dimensions: 5" x 6 1/2" comes w envelope

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