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Help For My Face- Green is Good!

dreaded adult skin issues

Helllu Pussycats!

I would like to tell you about another product that I have been using in 
an effort to help clear up my face and keep it that way.

I have used oodles and oodles of concealers over the years.
I have always said that I would rather look like a
"wacked out" geisha doll then have any redness show thru.
Emotionally, I can handle the embarrassment of breakouts if I can successfully
conceal them no matter how weird the concealer looks.
I know it sounds strange but that has been my coping mechanism since I was a kid.

I have said a hundred time that my top pick for serious coverage is the concealer from MAC 
and you can read about that here.
Luckily, I do have some days or weeks when the breakouts are lighter
 and I don't always need to be so heavily "painted up". I am VERY grateful for those
days and try and use lighter products on my face to help let my skin breathe a bit.

For those of you that have just found me, I have been searching out and using products
that have little or no chemicals in them. Chemicals certainly haven't brought me any relief in 
over 20 years of acne troubles so I have decided to be brave and give them up.
Since the fall of 2012 I have using natural and homemade products 
and have to say, I am seeing some results.
There are no easy answers or magical cures when it comes to acne but it is always nice
to see some positive changes and results that seem to have lasting effects.

In an effort to go with less chemicals I have also decided to go with products
that do not test on animals. At the end of the day, I would rather have acne and 
breakouts then have the suffering and agony of helpless animals on my conscious.
I want to look nice but not at the cost of innocence.

So, having said that...I have come to try out a few products from 
Pur Minerals and so far I have liked everything that I have tried.
This company is cruelty free and doesn't use nasty chemicals.

( please note: I paid for this product, it was not given to me. I am not in any 
way affiliated with Pur Minerals. I am offering up my own opinion based on my
 personal experience. )

**Colour Correcting Primer- Redness Reducer**
This primer is very nice, smooth , light and really does help 
reduce redness. I have tried other green primers that are too heavy or 
leave your skin a weird yellowy-green colour. This one does not.
I use it on days when I need a wee bit more  "help" with the redness on
 the top of my cheeks or forehead. I find that it is good for me to
use on days when I need more than just a spot treatment.
It doesn't cover all the redness completely ( not much does) but  it does work
 very well with my other foundation and mineral powder.
The coverage is good don't get me wrong, I just have learned
to be realistic about what coverage can mean.

This primer has not made me break out. and it washes off easily.
I really like it. I like how it works w my other products or on a good day
I can use it on its own w mineral powder.

In Canada, I get it at Shopper's Drug Mart.
I like to buy products from them when I am first trying something out
 b/c they have such a great return policy.
It isn't cheap but it isn't too expensive either.
I felt it was worth the money for the quality of the product.

If you give it a go, I hope you find it helps you too.
In my next post about products I have had success with, I will write
 about a homemade green primer stick that I bought on Etsy & really like.

Until next time, hope everyone has a fabulous day!
I know it can be hard but try & remember that the acne
doesn't define you and most of all.... you aren't in this alone.

Take care, Luv Lisa xo

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